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Christvertising – “God Bless Your Brand”

In a German internet marketing magazine I saw a note about the American site “Christvertising“, which describes itself with the following words:

“Christvertising is a network of communication specialists and advertsing professionals which help you navigate through the maze that is the world of competitive brands. If you like your product, so do we, but more importantly, so does God. We believe that nothing is possible without the Lord’s blessing and consent. Your product is no exception. May God bless your Brand.”

And: “Christvertising manages a network of creative, innovative, and pro-active believers, who will help you, through intensive prayer, improve your brand in the eyes of the Lord. If God loves your brand, it will become stronger and more successful. Cristvertising helps you access the power of brand-targeted prayer (BTP™) using our unique, isosceles approach to marketing: Reach – Connect – Pray.” …. “Ask yourself this simple question: Is your brand in God’s good books?”

Prayers are very helpful on the spiritual path, they can orient us to the Divine – not from the intellect, but from the heart. However, using prayer to bribe God and exploit him for marketing purposes is one more expression of our excessively materialistic time.

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