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The Missing Element

An acquaintance and esotericist from another country contacts me from time to time asking my opinion concerning one subject or the other. At the moment he is following a project to set up a curriculum for a study of esotericism encompassing a course of 12 years.

He just sent me the scheme of his future manual. I had a quick glance through it: Though it contains a great number of esoteric disciplines – including very exotic ones -, I saw at the first sight that the most important was missing – maybe because it is too “esoteric” for most esotericists: It is “service“, one corner of the triangle of all spiritual work: Meditation – Study – Service. As long as any spiritual disciple isn’t firmly grounded in service and an attitude to help his fellow men, all the esoteric lore is of no value, yes even dangerous: It keeps him away from his real purpose: becoming a helper of mankind and, maybe finally, a co-worker of the Great Ones, which inspired him.

You can easily get lost on the way in the many subjects of esotericism, but missing the essence.


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