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Financial Wizards and Emotional Roller-Coasting

The wisdom teachings say that your character has to be developed and your life firmly oriented towards good will before you can be entrusted with subtle powers or energies without causing harm. Money is a very concrete kind of energy, and it seems that dealing with great amounts of it can have disastrous effects and damage your life.

I read this week an article in the German magazine “Der Spiegel” online about brokers: Those financial pros who shift most money are the most psychically disturbed persons. The “roller coaster drive” of the stock markets causes great stress to the traders. Many bankers, fund managers or brokers easily get into an emotional exhaustion. Studies have shown that rage attacks, depressions, fear or all kinds of psycho-somatic symptoms are very frequent, much more often than in other branches of society. Alcoholism, drug or medication abuse are quite normal, as well as gambling and sexual excesses. The most successful brokers, who control enormous amounts of capital seem to be mentally and emotionally most deranged. The more stress, the more they have a tendency to manipulate and become dishonest. This destructive development often ends in broken marriages or even suicides.

“A lot of these guys have manic-depressive tendencies that are triggered by the volatility of the market. They also lack the insight or the coping skills to deal with the stresses of the market,” said Dr. Alden Cass, clinical psychologist and president of the Catalyst Strategies Group. “As a result, it’s natural to find higher levels of depression amongst them.” Cass’ research found stockbrokers to be at higher risk for mental health problems such as burnout and anxiety disorders than the general population, but they rarely seek help or utilize assistance services. When Cass tried to contact the persons eight months after his study, more than a quarter of the most successful brokers wasn’t anymore at their post – they had been either fired, changed their job or just burned out and gone away: Money makes the world go round – or people…

You absolutely need a solid inner foundation when you are working in such hot-spots of money and power, but also in “lower voltage” contexts. Money is energy, and energy has to be handled with great care. Using money for right purposes helps creating and upholding an equilibrium.

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Rainbow and tramway current lines, yesterday evening: channelled energy, like money directed into a creative direction.

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