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Easter Shop Window Reflections, Eggs & Bunnies

Walking through a little nearby forest yesterday I everywhere felt the strong urge of nature to come out with fresh green leaves. The trees were mostly still empty, but in a month’s time everything is supposed to be clad in green. In these latitudes spring is really a time of sprouting and springing up. After this Easter weekend, the eggs and rabbits in the shops, however, will have to make place for new decorations, so here is a souvenir of a colourful shop-window reflection:


The eggs are said to be symbols of new life, of a new creation. Do the unfertilised eggs in the shops symbolise the same vital power, or the infertility of mass reproduction?
The Cosmic Egg of ancient wisdom is described as manifesting out of the darkness of the background, and the vernal equinox as the annual analogy of this creative happening. So the Easter festival, at the first Sunday after spring full moon, is really a symbol for the deep spiritual reality of the cosmic seed principle – besides and beyond its well-known Christian connotation of the resurrection.

Here is an Easter Bunny in its nest, at a farm-house near Berne.


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