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Aquarian Energies

It’s the month of Aquarius, and you might feel quite some strong energies of change in the air. At work I experienced again winds of change, with a collegue in my team leaving and the new one beginning, and the second just also gave his note of leave to start something new. On other planes also a lot of changes are silently happening, nothing for a blog-note however. Here you find the picture of the month and the comment, from the Lunar Messenger.

Picture of the month of Aquarius. See Picture of the Month to send a postcard.
Space is considered to be like waters, because it is full of light and waves. The ancient seers therefore spoke about the waters of space, whose manifestation on the physical plane is water, the basis of life on earth. The photo of a waterfall at the Gran Sabano, Venezuela, by Evelia Mujica, illustrates the infinite flow of life force.

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