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Space Weather Report

We might think that the outer space is an empty vacuum, but this is not at all the case. The “Space Weather Center” gives you daily forecasts and storm alerts, so that you can be prepared for your next trip:-) .

On the site you read: ” To the unaided eye, space appears to be a vast, dark void, and the Sun a tranquil sphere of light. But in fact, space is not empty because Earth’s orbit lies within the atmosphere of our dynamic Sun. Our solar system has the cosmic equivalent of wind, clouds, storms, and hurricanes called space weather.”
It is an educational website with interesting sections about plasma, “living within a star”, or the protective shield of our earth. On the site of the US-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA) (: do they want to administer the oceans?) of the Department of Commerce you find links to a number of scientific sites about the atmospheric influences.

Last Wednesday there was an x-ray eruption on the sun with a related plasma shock wave, which is just causing a geomagnetic storm (see the sitebar of our blog for actual information). These storms are causing auroral activities and sometimes even breakdowns of electronic communication or electricity.

The sun has an 11 year activity cycle, and next May is expected to be the minimum. So modern science confirms what the ancient scientists of wisdom say, that space pulsates and is filled with innumerable waves of the ocean of the space waters.

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