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Shaping out One’s Way

For about four years we had a youth group, where we met with four youngsters from our family and that of a friend. We called it a Mithila group and spoke about fundamentals of spirituality in a way adapted to the youngsters (see: Fundamentals of a Spiritual Education, PDF). Last Sunday we closed the group, for the interests of the youngsters had grown out of it.

Though signs had been there already since a longer time and my wife had seen them more clearly, I was a bit surprised and first felt sad about the development. We had a long talk and I came to understand the situation in a broader perspective. To sum it up: That which is resonating within them will find fruition, but it is up to the children to pick up what they want, for their way into life. Their blossoming does not develop in the way we suspect it. What has been important for me is not necessarily what they might consider important. They have to shape out their own way, and in freedom.

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