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Beauty of the Moment

Yesterday morning before work I made a short detour through the old town of Berne in order to look for a subject for the Christmas picture of our newsletter. In the last days they had installed the Christmas illuminations in the streets and I was looking for a subject with a 5-pointed star, because of the subject of the Lunar Messenger of Capricorn (to be published around Dec. 20th). It is about “The Secret of the Dawn” – the awakening of self-consciousness, the 5th principle of man, and the symbol is the 5-pointed star.

At first I took some shots of illuminations in the lower old town, then I went to the cathedral. There I saw that the road next to the church was decorated with nice large 5-pointed stars. While some workers started preparing the stands for the Christmas market, I used one of their lorries as a “tripod” for my digicam, and also some walls. However there wasn’t the “shot” I was looking for. Then I made a few shots from the middle of the road – and yes, there it was: The stars looked like descending from the sky. In the afternoon at home I could cut out from one shot just the right part. Though it was quite a number of photos, only one proved to have hit:

You can click on the photo to send it as a Christmas card.

We pass by so many situations without realising the difference between the normal and the extraordinary. Messenger of the higher world often reveal in a second, the door might close again right away. People were passing over the street on their way to work, looking downward to the ground. May some also look up and see.

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