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St. John’s Day – Energy Change in Nature

The sun is shining bright over the fields here, but in the atmosphere one can sense already that the annual solstice climax has passed by and the sun has started its southern journey again. Yesterday was St. John’s Day, the Christian substitution for the old solsticial celebrations of midsummer. However, there is a deep sense in having St. John’s day at this date of the days starting to decrease: On the opposite side, at winter solstice, the news birth of light, of the saviour is celebrated, and St. John is called his forerunner.
The time reminds me of the St. John’s celebrations in which I took part as a member of a Steiner school about twenty years ago. After a big fire we used to walk with the elder pupils through the night to a lake and have a swim there in the early morning hours. This time of energy change in nature is very special, called the time of the crab’s sidewise movement in spiritual astrology, where at the beginning of Cancer the daytime here in the northern hemisphere is at its hight. A good time to be attentive of what is subtly preparing for the nexts months.

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