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Maintaining Unity within Fragmentations

Yesterday morning I had a conversation with the collegue from the marketing section with whom I share the room in my office. I explained to her how I was evaluating the different issues of corporate blogging for our humanitarian NGO by screening the web, talking to different persons in charge, clearing technical questions, pondering over relevances… Levelling the ground for introducing blogging into the organisation has a lot of different issues involved.
She asked me if I were not sometimes getting confused and lost in the many influences. When at home she is surfing a while along topics of traveling, she feels like getting out of herself. I told her that only by keeping the connection with the inner through the regular meditation I stay in contact with my Self and thus remain in balance. It is like doing a defragmentation on a harddisk and bringing the different bits and bytes back to order.
During each day there is such a great shifting between worlds. Yesterday I was quickly at an Indian grocer’s shop buying ingredients for my wife, thus suddenly entering into the Eastern world of smells and impressions – fish, calamari, crustaceans, pastries, spices, perfumes. At home from noon on – clearing educational questions about the balance between computer and school for the children with my wife, e-mailing, studying, group meeting for the full moon meditation. Maintaining the inner connection is absolutely essential to experience the underlying unity and not to fall apart into many different identifications with the outer.

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