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Pulsating Mother Earth

Yesterday’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day” of the NASA showed a new rock slab that is growing at more than one meter a day on the Mt. St. Helens volcano in Washington, USA and now extends about 100 meters out from one of the volcano’s craters. A fascinating sight of a birth from the womb of Mother Earth. Earth is quite lively.
An American friend of mine sent me yesterday a photo from a visit in Yosemite National Park, showing a bubbling geysir in function.
Yesterday’s headlines in the news here showed pictures of the volcano Merapi in Indonesia, where the people and the reporters are waiting for its eruption. There are a lot of websites just dedicated to the eruption of volcanos.
Some days ago the news said that a big part of southern Italy is rising and falling in a rhythm of about 1-2 cm a year….
For most of us these phenomena of earth’s pulsation are hardly going below the sensational kick. It is below the consciousness line. Earth seems to be stable, reliable, and its unshaken existence is take for granted. Fact that it is running with high speed through the cosmosbut this is not perceived at all. Also the reports or legends about the rise and fall of islands, even continents, don’t touch us unless something like a Tsunami happens.
However, with many people the awareness that our Mother, the Earth, is a living being, with a life cycle and an evolution is growing. It demands another awareness: Though of another level Earth is a conscious being, a unique individuality, giving us the basis for our journey of lives and of experiencing. With this awareness a feeling of gratitude and thoughtfulness arises, which expresses in an ecological sensitive attitude. The materialistic mind sees in our Mother just matter, a heap of stones, and in man an intelligent device of nature made for no higher purpose or or maybe business making.
But the awareness of the greater life into which we are integrated is slowly rising.

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