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An Excursion to the Stockhorn Mountain

In the mountains you can absorb a lot of subtle energies. A week ago, the Sunday morning started very promising with beautiful sunshine, after days of rain. So we decided to go on a tour to the Stockhorn, a mountain we see from our living room, about 50 km away via highway. And indeed, it was a fantastic day for airing and refilling prana…

Souvenirs came while going up – one day before our eldest son was born in 1990, we had a little walk on this mountain – naively not thinking what could have happened – next day evening, my wife felt the labour pains and we rushed to the hospital… Now we looked at other families with small children and remembered how fast these times go by. Enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Julie Oxford Says:

    So blessed are you to be able to enjoy such beauty!

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