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Karma Downloads, Channeling and Spiritual Diplomacy

Some days ago my wife told me she just learned what downloads are. I looked a bit strange, and she said: “Oh no, not computer downloads – karma downloads.”

Two acquaintances had been in our apartment. One of them was an organizer of esoteric seminars – channeling sessions, cosmo-visions, spiritual discovery journeys, esoteric healing and the like. She said that karma downloads are the dernier cri: An “esoteric specialist” offers to take away (download) the karma of personsĀ  for money and that there are people who even take on dept to get rid of their karma.

My wife and I had to laugh heartily about such a blind ignorance. It reminded us of the selling of indulgences of the Catholic Church some centuries ago. Karma downloads? – Money downloads…

My wife told me that she came to know from the seminar organizer that there are trends with ups and downs in what we call “the esoteric courses supermarket”: At the moment Tai Chi is out, channeling beings like “Kryon” in. The two women were having a channeling session in our living room while my wife was cooking for them and I was in the office…

It seemed to me like an annual where butterflies are attracted, and as soon as the flower is sucked dry, the butterflies go to another flower.

My wife said to me that in the last weeks she had a crash course in spiritual diplomacy: We had a number of encounters with people of different esoteric backgrounds. Even if their belief system is for you a bit weird, you nevertheless can meet from heart to heart as humans – you just have to leave away touching the points of difference. This isn’t dishonesty, but focusing on what is common and uniting and leaving away what is separating. This way you can leave your discrimination intact and nevertheless have a friendly contact.

My wife said: “However, I don’t wish to become bosom friends with such people…”

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2 Responses to “Karma Downloads, Channeling and Spiritual Diplomacy”

  1. Mitra Says:

    Money might be the last way of downloading/transferring Karma but I do believe the concept (atleast theoretically) can exist. The concept of transferring Karma. Look at the case of someone offering food/money/cows to learned Brahmins in India on various occasions – A blessing from a happy recipient can burn one’s karma. A greedy Brahmin, on the other hand, might just be taking on an earnest offerer’s karma instead of burning it.

    Does not karma get burnt based on the feeling with which the offering is made and received? Would love to know your thoughts some time!

  2. marion Says:

    was genau tut jemand, der channelt?
    ich meine, was ist die “technik” des channelns?

    [die konjugation dieses verbs allein ist schon seltsam…]

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