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Rapids of Consciousness

The last times were full of intense processes, which I tried to reflect in the form of poems I wrote on my observations. I try to translate two of them:

Unsettled thoughts,
kept back and unrecognized
in their haze of interwovenness,
block like stones
the stream of life
pressing forward
and form dangerous rapids,
which threaten to carry away
the swimmer of consciousness
and to drag him under the waters.
The passage between
Skylla and Charybdis
is difficult
and every word surfaces
like a whirl in the current
to be steered around
so that the boat of the freeing idea
doesn’t get dashed
against a rock
and emotionally charged spindrift
doesn’t obstruct the view.
During such transits
utmost vigilance is needed and
a calm eye of the steersman,
who sees the shallow depths and,
navigating with a firm hand,
brings the boat
nearer to the next harbor,
knowing about the distant goal.

IguaƧu, Argentina 2008

Towers crumble,
when the time-ground
lets its eroding movements
work slowly.
Even the plates of the continents
dance on the fragile ground
of the rhythmical movements
of the Great Mother.
It is the love towards new life,
which makes the old one
to give way to
virginal striving.
However, change gives pain,
if we hold on to stones falling down
seek stability
on the wavering ship
at times of tempest.
But where shall I
cast my anchor?
How can I
offer you a supporting hand,
when the dark clouds
seem to hide for you
the rays of the sun?
Dancing with firm steps
the rhythm of unbridled change
gives joy,
when the hold
in the salvaging silence
is the anchorage
and gives protection
in the deep ground.

IguaƧu, Brasil 2008

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