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Group Life Experiences

Last week I went to North Germany, for a seminar with my spiritual teacher, Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar and his wife, Kumari-Garu. For 2 weeks they had been on a tour visiting all groups of the World Teacher Trust in Germany, and the WTT-Group of B√ľnde, North-Rhine Wesphalia, had invited me to come to the meeting with the Master at their. They had worked a lot to beautifully prepare the house and the garden. In the evening of June 18th, Sri Kumar and Kumari Garu arrived, travelling from Berlin via Hamburg and Bielefeld.

After a hearty welcome we had dinner together. Next morning after meditation there was a question and answer session with the Master.

One question was about healing: “We want to work with healing, at the beginning we decide to first heal ourselves before working with others.”
Sri Kumar answered: “First healing ourselves and then healing others doesn’t have to be like that. In our effort to heal others we are healed. You can think of difficult situations on the globe where people are suffering, that can be our patient, where there is suffering on the globe. That is the object for healing. Then you feel that the healing energy is all around. That is the truth. There is the healing energy and then you are there, you can receive into you and transmit to the object of healing through the triangle. In this we don’t use any name, so it can be given to the people also. We relate to the God energy, healing energy. God is omnipotent, so healing is also omnipotent. You can call it healing energy or healing nature or God, whatever. That can enter into you with the view to receive. So you receive into your heart, you transmit it to the object of healing and also link it up to the healing energy. So it gets into you, the energy is transmitted to the object of healing and he is also connected to the healing energy. You can connect to the triangle. With every inhalation you receive, with every exhalation you transmit the energy, and in the gap before you breathe in again, it leads the energy . Like that you can do it 12, 18, 24 times, and later you can link it to the energy and come out.”

After breakfast the Master and Kumari Garu conducted a fire ritual on the terrace of the house. At the end the fire was brought around the house as a blessing. Later the Master gave some consultations, and in the afternoon we departed to Bad Essen, where the summer solstice seminar was taking place.

The group living started with a beautiful candle ceremony, followed by a short lecture about summer solstice and evening meditation. Later in the evening a group member gave a jazz concert with his saxophone.

Next day and Sunday morning the lectures continued:
“What is the magic that happens around summer solstice? The magic is true to some, as true and tangible as our eating breakfast. To some it would be an illusion. These are the dreamers who dream that they have had breakfast. Every question carries its answer in it. Some put themselves into an imagination and feel the related relief, and then they feel much about themselves, but the one who as eaten know those others who have eaten, because they are all around. When the dreamer says, I have eaten breakfast, those who all had breakfast know that he hasn’t eaten breakfast, but is dreaming. Imagination can lead to illusion, when there is no activity of service.
So there are those who experience it really, there are those who experience it through their own imagination and those who carry it as information into their head. They only speak of it to others. Let us experience the visit of the solar Lord in the heart. By tomorrow this time the solstice is around a quarter to 8 European time. This preparation should lead us to re-orient firstly to service, to help the suffering humanity even in a very small way….”

It was a heart-thrilling encounter, with many good exchanges. Filled with inspiration and joy we afterwards returned back home.


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