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Jubilee Book – Witness of the Silent Sprouting of a Spiritual Impulse

Two days ago a big parcel from the WTT-centre in Einsiedeln arrived, with books we will take to India in January. One of the copies, however, was for us – a beautiful hand-bound book on “25 Years The World Teacher Trust – Global”. Our friends in Einsiedeln had produced it in a limited edition. Last August we had been at the celebration, where a first copy was given to our teacher, Dr. K. P. Kumar.


The book now has been enlarged with photos of the celebration and texts of the talks. I went a bit through the volume and was deeply impressed by all the work which had been done by Sri Kumar: 27 pages were filled with titles of talks and seminars given all around the world during these 25 years. I had the good luck of participating in a small number of these, and they had left a lasting impact on my life. And I’m looking forward to the next seminar in January.

I’m always amazed about the deep wisdom pouring out of him, with a tremendous range of spiritual topics. The book contains a lot of photos from the sacred placesĀ  he had been visiting all around the globe – and some places evoked memories in me. There are also some photos with our children, from a ceremony of introduction into writing and another ceremony of introduction into the wisdom teachings. Many groups have contributed reports on how they met the Master and the teachings, and some of the service activities were portrayed. Among these there is also the article about our group, which, with his guidance and inspiration, slowly but steadily had evolved over the last years.


Through all these cumulated contents and pictures you get a faint impression of the enormously powerful, but very silent spiritual impulse which is manifesting through this work.

The sign of the WTT on the cover of the book symbolises the wings of the work of Spiritual Hierarchy uplifting humanity and the life on the Globe, thus creating a progressive movement.

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