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Zanabazar – Living Buddha and Michelangelo of Asia

Today I came across the blog of “Don Croner’s World Wide Wanders“, with impressions from Mongolia and Buddhist monks and monasteries, Thangkas and people (scroll through the blog…). He has published a book on Zanabazar, (1635-1723) the son of one of the rulers of seventeenth-century Mongolia, and a distant descendant of Chingis Khan, whose spiritual propensities were apparent almost from birth and in 1639, while still a small boy.

Wikipedia says about him: “In 1640, Zanabazar, was recognized by the Panchen Lama and the Dalai Lama as being a “Living Buddha”…. Miraculous occurrences allegedly took place during his youth... Zanabazar has been called the “Michelangelo of Asia” for bringing to the region a renaissance in matters related to spirituality, including theology, language, art, medicine and astronomy. He composed sacred music, mastered the sacred arts of bronze casting and painting, created a new design for monastic robes, and invented the Soyombo script in 1686….

“He is probably best known for his incomparable sculptures, which rank among the greatest works of Buddhist art ever created.” These are really very beautiful sculptures of Buddhas and stupas. There is a short online biography of Zanabazar. and more information about him.

In his blog Don Croner wrote today from Mongolia about the beautiful Venus-Jupiter constellation which can be seen in the sky. Also here I saw it yesterday evening as a beautiful, clear picture over a nearby mountain. Don Croner is also running an interesting website on “The Legend of Shambhala“, with photos of stupas in the Taklamakan desert.

Zanabazar, from Wikipedia commons

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