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The Business Model of Giving Things for Free

I just read the latest issue of the Swiss “NZZ-folio” magazine the topic of which is “For Free – Business Model of the Future?“. Some articles show how people get blinded when they hear that they can get something for free – they forget that normally there is a catch in it. Free newspapers, free phones, free drinks,  – there are many ways of seducing and of capturing the attention.

Of course little value is often attached to things which are given for free or for half the price, and on the web it is nearly taken for granted that you get content or a lot of software for free. The motives of doing so vary – personal satisfaction, making a name for oneself, getting people attracted to some other offer… There are enterprises engaged in philanthropic activities, where there is no financial “return on investment”, but a gain in reputation. But the self-related motives remain, though they might not be visible at the first sight.

There are people doing service activities with a selfless motive, or even without a motive at all. This way of acting is not catchy. But the thing is that by receiving benefits you remain in a receptive mood and get into passivity. You have to give something so that the flow of energy doesn’t get stuck with you.  You might like to read more about the power of giving in the issue on Giving and Taking of the Good Will in Action. And you might be interested in our free distribution of wisdom books or our free newsletter –  this kind of “hooking” isn’t dangerous 🙂

Wisdom is flowing for free, for those who are really seeking it from the right sources and use it for the right purposes.

When you just receive without giving in one way or the other you create attachment and remain a beggar. Photo by a friend, India 07.

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