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Pedro Nahum – A Fiery Disciple

At a seminar celebration Sri Kumar told the story of the man, who made him come to Argentina and prepared the groups, which are active today: Don Pedro Nahum. I found it very inspiring, so here are some lines are arranged from his talk.

Pedro Nahum worked day and night for 30 years to manifest the teachings of the Theosophical Society and those of Alice Bailey in Argentina. He was a very fiery man, to whom money never was a conditioning factor nor did he live for earning money. He was moving between three cities, Buenos Aires, Posadas in the north and Mendoza at the feet of the Andes, which are distant to each other by 1200 to 1500 km. He was moving from place to place by trucks speaking to the truck drivers who were his students and reaching places and teaching books. His teachings were always during the midnight hours until the early morning, because during the day the people had to work for the living. He respected it and travelled by day.

He was reading books and explaining the spiritual teachings to his followers. He never allowed anyone to record the teachings nor even allowed to make notes. He said, listen and register. That is the oldest method. In ancient times the teacher taught and the students listened, and it is to the student to register and to remember.

He had as many as 1000 followers; relentlessly he was teaching them. They were living in the forests of Argentina and learning. They stayed there day and night for a few weeks, learned and then went back – a very hard work, but he was a man of iron will. He created enough fire in all those who followed him.
He was saying to his students that another teacher would come and teach meditation, give the technique of yoga and also the rhythm and the technique of discipleship. When he came to know of Sri Kumar he suggested his followers to listen to him. In 1992 Dr. Kumar came for the first time for about 3 weeks. Pedro Nahum was planning to leave his physical body, not because of old age but because of the intensity of the work he did.

He attended Sri Kumar’s teachings in Buenos Aires and Posadas, and there he symbolically handed over to him a silver cup of mate, the traditional tea they drink there. He said: “I have done what is to be done, you please continue. I wish to leave. Teach them meditation, I did no teach them meditation. Give them the discipline of discipleship which I did not give. I have ignited fire in them, and they all carry the fire of aspiration. They are all very wild people. I know that you can handle fire. I am glad that you have come, I symbolically hand over the work to you and I will leave by the time you come next time. I know that you will come many times to Argentina.”

Sri Kumar listened carefully, accepted the silver cup, and next year when he was starting for Argentina, the day he left India, the same day Pedro Nahum left his body. As Sri Kumar landed in Switzerland, he had the news that Pedro Nahum had departed. Don Pedro had good extrasensory perceptions. He now lives in the heart of all his followers and continues to inspire.

The WTT-Group from Misiones edited some of his sayings in Spanish and in English, which you find here. Since for him the waterfall is very important and he explained everything about the falls to his followers, the group arranged his photo above the falls.

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