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Outer or Inner Similarities?

Today I got an e-mail from someone who sent me two negative photos of himself as well as a drawing depicting Lord Maitreya, which you can also find on the internet. His face had certain similarities with that drawing and he asked what I think about it.

I answered him that there are many people painting pictures of Maitreya, just like there are many pictures of Jesus Christ. They nearly exclusively spring from the devotional imagination of the artist. Also paintings said to have been received from higher worlds belong to that category, even if they come from a subtle “model”. I told him that when he is flattered that one of these drawings, depicting Lord Maitreya according to the artist, has similarities with his appearance, he may be happy about it. All that inspires us to walk more seriously the spiritual path is certainly of a constructive nature.

Outer or inner similarities? It is easy to mistake the one for the other.

If you are interested to read a bit what the Eastern wisdom teachings say about Lord Maitreya, you find some hints in the Lunar Messenger dedicated to that topic. There is also a beautiful booklet of the WTT about Lord Maitreya, see here the online version.

A photo of the statue of Lord Maitreya in the garden of the Planetary Healing Centre. You find the picture also here as an e-card.

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