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Research into the Spiritual Dimension

I yesterday received an e-mail pointing to the website of the Spiritual Research Foundation SSRF, mentioning that they are doing extensive research in Spiritual Sciences and sharing the benefits obtained from this research freely with all. On the site they write:

“The organisation conducts spiritual research which includes the spiritual realm, along with physical and psychological factors in determining the causative factors behind problems in life. By spiritual realm, SSRF means the realm of heaven, hell, netherworld, etc. which cannot be analysed by conventional research methodologies. It maintains that spiritual research can only be conducted by the use of an advanced sixth sense (ESP) and is more holistic than conventional research methodologies….

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation is dedicated to exploring the Spiritual science and presenting this knowledge to the world in a modern, contemporary and scientific way. This is so that the common man can understand it regardless of race, religion or culture… Our research does not offer any quick fixes to life’s problems, but what we do say is that if you sincerely put into practice the tools we suggest on a daily basis, then you will witness many positive changes in your life just as the seekers of the foundation have experienced.”

They present with practical illustrations a number of topics about which they have done research in the subtle worlds, giving an overview of spiritual causes of difficulties in life, of spiritual research in physical and mental health and of healing or of diverse spiritual facts.

On their site they present spiritual seekers/persons who have the ability of not only perceiving the subtle worlds, but also of reproducing what is perceived in the form of sketches/pictures.

A fascinating field of research, even if there might be speculative parts in it.


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