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Traces of a Lost Continent

I today read an article in the Neue Z├╝rcher Zeitung about the discovery of certain findings indicating that there had been a sunken continent in the south of the Indian ocean, near the Antarctica. An expedition of researchers of the Alfred Wegener Institute to the area of the Kerguelen plateau in the contexts of the “Plates & Gates” programme of the International Polar Year wanted to find relations between continental drift and climate. They found in the depth of the oceans structures with silicone stones of continental origin, which is supposed to be part of an ancient continent having expanded much more to the north.

This fact is very interesting, for main stream scientists up to now have dismissed the theosophical doctrine of sunken continents such as Lemuria as fiction and explained the evolution of the globe with plate tectonics. The age indicated by the Plates & Gates-expedition for the sinking of the continent, supposing about 120 million years, doesn’t fit with the teachings of Blavatsky, but these are gigantic periods of time, and maybe some tectonic movements a few million years ago turn out in future as bridging the gulf between occult and mainstream science.

Not just sunken continents…

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