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The Planetary Healing Centre

In the morning after prayer there was a fire ritual in the retreat centre, conducted by Sri Kumar and Srimati Kumari. The mantric chanting accompanying the ritual charged the air, while the flames of the fire were growing high, invoking the presence of the Devas, Agni. After the ritual some flavoured rice with sweets was distributed to the participants.


At 10 o’clock the bus came to bring us to the Planetary Healing Centre Harmony, beautifully located near the road running along the seaside. Last year it was still a small road, now 4 ways were giving a much faster ride.

The Planetary Healing Centre

Sri Kumar explained: “This Healing Centre is energised by a seer who lived here long ago and whose energy is present here and vibrates much healing energy. It is therefore an important place for healing purposes and healing meditations. The centre is perceived, conceived and constructed according to the solar principle which is the basis for all life, the Solar Lord functions with number 1 and 7. He bestows health, he bestows the light of wisdom, he is seen as the basis for the life and light to pay homage to this seer we gather once a year amidst so many programs, once in a year we gather.”

In the shade of the old cashed trees there is an old Maitreya statue, around which the group gathered for the lecture of Sri Kumar.


After the lecture (I’m typing my notes to make them available after the seminar) we moved into the healing centre. There are circles around an onyx globe where we gathered for singing 21 times the holy word OM and meditation.


After lunch we went to a nearby beach to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Bengal. I had a short swim in the ocean – a beautiful refreshing feeling.

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