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Jumping to India

It seems that the announced blogging pause isn’t that long, since in the retreat centre of the WTT where we are staying for the next time there is now a wireless access.

Sunday morning our trip to India started with a train ride to Zurich airport, where at the terminal already the stewardesses of Emirates Airlines with their typical head-dresses gave us a little oriental taste, though most of them probably weren’t Arabs…


Much more Arab, however, was the ambiance at Dubai Airport, with all the artificial palm trees, decorations and the dresses of the passengers.


But it was just a short stopover to the next destinations, Chennai (and in between we enjoyed looking some of the many films in the plane, for which I normally don’t take time…).

At Chennai Airport things had changed a lot since I was there 2 years ago: the hall of the international terminal had been redone – all in shining marble and white. The transport chains for the luggage were also new – though it seemed that the construction wasn’t that perfect: Since the luggage came a bit to fast down a slide, a person was sitting there controlling that the suitcases go on in the right way – a new job created?


Very new were the planes of the new Kingfisher Airlines, with a top service, much better than what I was used to at the national airline, though a bit we missed the typical “Indian” charme: Western music came out of the loudspeakers and here the stewardesses were dressed exactly like their colleagues in Europe – though in a bit spicy red.

Again a 1.5 hours jump and finally we landed in Visakhapatnam.


Murthy, the good spirit of the retreat centre, was already waiting there to pick us up with a Toyota fourwheeler, and now we had really arrived in India, with a the smells, the traffic rush, the sounding of horns and the many colours engulfing us from all sides.

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