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Ability and Good Will

Good will and service have to do with skill. You need the aptitude to do something, otherwise you cannot help. Sri Parvathi Kumar, our spiritual teacher, just spoke about this in a seminar in Spain saying:

“You think it is a service to adopt a child, but there are business houses who adopt whole countries. In India there are business houses that run hundreds of schools for free. How much time it takes for an individual to run so many schools for free? The same thing a business house does faster and better. They are the able ones. The ability when it turns to service does a lot. So business can be service.

What government can do is not comparable to what an individual can do. If the government takes to goodwill, the impact is very high. If business turns to goodwill, the effect is much better than of the individual. It is only a reorientation. I say this, because the ability to do service can do better than the inability to do good. Inability has to be transcended to gain ability. Groups have to gain ability besides goodwill. Without ability there is no effective service. Ability and goodwill have to be together.”

Last week I read a media communication by The Business Humanitarian Forum located in Geneva. They want to foster the positive potential of the private sector, they “seeks to encourage private sector support for economic and human development in post-conflict areas and poor countries where investment is needed.” They want to “bridge the gap of understanding and promote cooperation between humanitarian organizations and private business, encouraging both sides to work together to solve complex development problems.” A very encouraging approach.

Bridging the gap between ability and good will

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