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Getting Focused

At the online marketing forum I attended a few days ago a presenter spoke about the phases of turning people into customers: 1. Awareness, 2. Interest, 3. Consideration, 4. Purchase. At the steps 1-3 many persons turn away, especially at the moment of ordering or payment.

This funnelling of people to customer sometimes takes long time and has to do with the channelling of attention and focus. It reminds me of the long process on the spiritual path, where an individual very slowly awakens to the inner direction.

It might take many years between the awakening of a general awareness of the existence of subtler dimensions and the focused commitment. Many people get stuck at phase 2, where they are interested, but don’t step on to a regular, rhythmical practice. And even then only a few go on from considering many ways to the way and dedicating themselves to focus their energy in one direction.

At one point or the other you have to overcome the split attention, sort out the side-ways and set forth in one direction. This has nothing to do with getting blind towards other things, but with the inner urge to grow in depth. As long as you are fascinated by the many side-tracks, the main track remains vague or veiled.

There is an increase of joy related to the increase of focus, and this is independent of outer situations. You stay in tune with your self even in the onrush of other impulses.

Road in Iceland, a photo of my brother

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