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Mood Infections

Normally during the day many different strings of themes and activities are inter-weaving. Some are more on the side of the ongoing activities, others touch deeper chords of relations, still others go to still deeper areas of attitudes, ideas, existential questions. Most of them come and go in a certain movement, a rhythm – daily exchanges, incoming mails, household, children, etc. Some are coming in a subtle, nearly imperceptible way, but nevertheless give a change to the tinge of the flow. It needs attention to recognise from which sources the streams are coming, and this is sometimes not easy.

My wife and I have observed the last days several situations where there were clouds of moods coming in, which weren’t originating from ourselves, but from other people. Here I can give only a rough outline of the stories.

I had a phone-call with a person, where afterwards I felt somehow depressive, questioning myself. On the surface the phone-call had not at all been moody. But the life situation of the person isn’t easy, and I suppose there were deeper undercurrents of irritation, which had come to me via the phone without my realising.

My wife just told me that she yesterday was for some time in a room, where some hours before a friend had been working, who has gone through a deep crisis and is still not well settled. Without realising, my wife had picked up the mood cloud and somehow felt very tired, exhausted, when she came home. It took a night with some strange dreams to digest. This morning after meditation and some yoga exercises she felt being herself again and the weariness was gone. She realised that some “mood infection” had gripped her, and that it took some time to dissolve the clouds again.

The wisdom teachings say that psychic energies get stored on articles or in rooms through the thoughts and the quality of character of a person. Also places get impregnated through the thoughts that are being cultivated regularly there – think of banks, supermarkets, psychiatric hospitals, meeting places of druggies…

You create an aura which is impregnating the surrounding. And when you are in a passive, receptive attitude, you more easily get influenced by others. When you are active or focused on something higher, there you are immune to lower influences. It is recommended to take a shower or at least wash your hands when you have come into contact with energies which dragged you down. It is also good to wash the food you buy in a supermarket to clean it from etheric impregnations. You find some hints about it in the Lunar Messenger on Symbolism and Use of the Hands.

A subtle net of influences

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