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A Case of Spiritual Confusion

I yesterday got a call on Skype from a stranger, which I didn’t answer (I have marked in Skype that by principle I don’t answer directly calls from strangers, but ask them to contact me first via e-mail), but switched over to the instant messaging mode. The following is the translation of the session log from this strange conversation:

X: I would like to talk with you about the Avatar of Synthesis.

Answer: What do you want to know?

X: Whether you know already the recipient of the Avatar of Synthesis, for I suppose I am the recipient of the Avatar of Synthesis. I want to prove it. I hope I can do this. I also have a prophecy.

(Here he sent me a link to a web IP-address, where he had published his ideas. I found them a bit disconcerting and confuse.)

Answer: According to my understanding, the Avatar of Synthesis has many recipients, that is all who call on him.

X: Mhh, o.k. … as you think. But I have directly received these 4 things, which can be found in the basic knowledge of esoterism.

Answer: Many people receive many things and relate them with the mental conceptions they have.

X: I have searched for a long time on the internet for my extrasensory perceptions. Do you want to have a look at the website?

Answer: No, not necessarily. There is so much junk on the web, I don’t have the time to view it all. I better concentrate my energies on something constructive.

X: O.k. – you don’t really believe in the Avatar of Synthesis.

Answer: I only notice that we have a rather different understanding of the Avatar of Synthesis.

X: Yes. I would like to be able to convince you.

Answer: I don’t want to convince you.

X: You don’t want to convice me?

Answer: No. On the spiritual path it is not a matter of convincing others according to my understanding.

X: I will give you a prophecy, but not today.

Answer: Then I feel myself compelled to interrupt here the dialogue, sorry.

X: In some months something will happen. I even have the exact date.

Answer: It doesn’t interest me.

X: O.k., ciao.

Answer: Ciao.

I my life I have come across several persons claiming to be spokesmen for sublime beings. It all sounded to me like big ego-boasting, creating confusions with people and distorting spiritual conceptions. The genuine teachers I have come across never did such boasting and never were proselytising.

For me the Avatar of Synthesis is a most sublime concept of a profound energy and being working for the transformation of life. You might read a bit more about it in the Lunar Messenger on “Meditation for the Aquarian Age“.


Synthesis – A view of the dome of the Dali-museum in Figueras, Spain.

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