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The Soul Journey

Someone must have subscribed me (it wasn’t me) to a newsletter called The Soul Journey, which is published bi-weekly by the Canadian Andrew Schneider. He is an ex-Roman Catholic monk and author of different esoteric books.

Since he receives our Lunar Messenger, I didn’t unsubscribe, and normally have a quick look through the texts, which contain thoughts about different spiritual topics with questions to ponder upon. Here is the beginning of his latest newsletter which just arrived: “The Soul Journey – On Our Teachers”.

“Everyone we meet – strangers too – bring us a particular gift. They do not carry it in their hands, but emanate it from the core of their identity or from the peculiarities of their personality. Their gift is a teaching. Everyone can be our teacher if we are willing to learn.

Because we observe and experience others through our own psyche and soul we filter what we see through our own unconscious identity. Therefore every time we make an observation about someone, positive or negative, we are revealing something about ourselves. And since we are revealing something about our unconscious selves, everyone tells us something that we would be wise to pay attention to. …”


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