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Change of Lighthouse Crews

A friend sent me today a link to a YouTube-video about change of lighthouse crews, with the words:

“On those days when you think you’ve hit every roadblock possible, or you think the hurdles to get the service activity done seem insurmountable, think of the lighthouse crew.”


The scene is not just a video-clip, but is full of deep spiritual symbolism: The waves represent the turbulences of outer life, the ocean the totality of the background existence. The boat can be seen as the man who is steering his way through the waves. The lighthouse is a symbol of the higher self, the soul, giving illumination. There is a gap between the boat and the lighthouse, which is bridged by a rope, via which the crew ascends and descends. It says that between the personality and the soul, resp. between the higher and the lower mind there is a gap, which has to be bridged on the spiritual path. Read more about this in the Lunar Messenger on “Building the Bridge“.

So contemplating on a situation may give you a deeper understanding than just watching the outer scenes

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