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Crashes in the Tunnel of Routine Actions

I yesterday got from a friend a short video file also posted on Google Video, “Driving in Russia“. It shows car accidents in a tunnel seen from a monitoring camera. The kind of driving reminds of video-games like Need for Speed etc., but these are real people causing real accidents and not just bumper cars.


Seeing the video you might laught or shake your head. In reality it’s quite sarcastic what you see when you think of the consequences.

The traffic rush is an expression of the hectic pace of today’s life, which is stimulated by an overactive mind. It is also a metaphor for the stream of routine action just running on through a tunnel of focus. You often keep going on even if something comes crossways and throws you off the line, where it would be better to stop for a while, observe the situation and go on slowly, with more attention to the “traffic” of events. Stopping the routine traffic of daily life through interludes of silence is an important part of spiritual work.

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