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Vampirism of Psychic Energy

Today I got an e-mail from a friend telling that for some month she was together with a man who had had much to do with drugs and alcohol. During that time it seemed that her problems were increasing while many things seemed to be going on very easy for him. She suddenly realized in meditation the reason for her present situation, she felt like being contaminated from his energies. She then decided to get her energy back, and from that day on the other one seemed to encounter only crosscurrents. People were now less friendly with him and everything he tried to do didn’t work.

From a spiritual perspective what my friend experienced is called vampirism of energy. It is the complete opposite of the true, harmonious, mutual exchange of energy. The excessive use of alcohol and drugs destroys the subtle tissues of the body and cuts the person off from the natural supply of psychic energy. So he might suck his supply from other person’s stock.

People do not want to understand that all kinds of alcoholic drinks, drugs, smoking, and so many other poisons decompose the human nature and that they infect space with their poisonous breath. In the book ”New Era Community” # 97 of the Agni Yoga series it says about such people:
“As a result of being with them, enormous fatigue is felt. They not only do not think about others, but even their own instinct of self-preservation is becoming dim.”

To a certain extent it is possible to counteract such violent selfishness. For this it is important to keep in contact with your inner resources and to try to have no dealings with people who absorb one’s energy uselessly.
If people learn the importance of exchange and cooperation, then they will also deal in a constructive way with energy.

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