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Winds of Change

Two hours before leaving for the flight to India. Answering last mails – from the States, France, Switzerland, saying good-bye to friends… A little tension is in the air, and the night was was a bit turbulent with dreams. Normally I’m sleeping very well, and it is not at all the first flight, but somehow it is a time of great changes – where might they lead? (: See the presentation of the beautiful new booklet On Change, by Dr. K. P. Kumar).
Just before I left my office, a web-developer of my team phoned me to tell me that he wants to make a time out and sign off. The other web-developer also resigned just for the end of this month (see blogpost). Fortunately a very good other person showed up who will start in 3 weeks. On several other levels there is also a lot of change going on. I wonder what the retreat time in India will bring.

Winds of change are blowing.

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