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Recruitment and Good Will Co-Operation

Yesterday evening I was discussing with my wife the difficulty, how people can find access to and a place in voluntary work of good will, especially in a spiritually motivated work: A short time ago I had heard from two persons who, due to different reasons, had withdrawn from publication projects with which I am co-operating. And two months ago the person who had helped me translating the monthly Lunar Messenger into English had withdrawn due to work overload with other professional and private commitments, so that I am doing these translations myself again – though not “living” in the English language. And for the person who also two months ago had withdrawn from the Spanish proof-reading, again due to work-overload, quickly another person had stepped in. Recently in my team at the office a web-developer had resigned from the job, so that I’m now searching a replacement.

In professional life you just publish an advertisement, if you are looking for new collaborators. In good-will work it doesn’t work like that. People come to help when they see a function where they could find self-unfoldment (see the blogpost on The Future of Volunteer Work.). Like with an apprenticeship it needs quite a time and monitoring before people can be charged with more responsible work, for example for translation or in publishing. It needs skills, flexibility and readiness to co-operate in a rhythmic, persistent manner. For a spiritually motivated individual it is quite a step to start working. And it is more demanding working in a group. People often drop out after an enthusiatic start, because they meet difficulties or they suddenly have other priorities.
You need to develop such a co-operation and commitment to a voluntary work, that a qualitatively high standing result is produced, and this takes time. I observed it with the Paracelsus Journal or the Vaisakh Newsletter, both projects of the WTT with which we are co-operating. It is the experience that people are attracted to such a co-operation through the magnetism of spiritual wisdom. In-spiration is the best and lasting power for such a commitment and self-commitment.

By the way: The WTT movement started today 35 years ago, on 18th November 1971. It grew in slow bur sure steps out of the underlying spiritual seeds. It has given inspiration and a platform for many a spiritually inspired activity of good will.

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