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Compatibility Problems of Old and New Office Versions

Yesterday while surfing in the noon pause I came across a note on the Computerbild-website, a German computer magazine, telling that there will be compatibility problems between older and the new version of Microsoft “Office 2007”, which will be launched probably next February (for enterprises: from end of November 06 on).

Documents produced in the new version of the software are saved in a file format which normally cannot be read by old versions of word, excel or powerpoint. Therefore Microsoft has now published a free “Office Compatibility Pack“. The software can be inserted in “Office 2000”, “Office XP” and “Office 2003”. After the installation loading and saving of Office 2007 documents is possible.

Remembering well the problems I had with the documents of the recent 2003-version, when I still had the older 2000 version, I immediately installed the file (27,1MB) and informed my friends about the problem. I hope that Microsoft doesn’t have more “surprises” for other or older system users hidden in the new Office and Vista versions, with their quasi market monopoly.

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