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Fastest Moving Waves ever Photographed

Yesterday pictures of the fastest moving matter waves ever photographed were presented at the 48th Annual Meeting of the division of plasma physics in Philadelphia, USA. The waves have nearly the speed of light, of 1 billion miles per hour. The waves, known as wakefields, are generated in the wake of an ultra-intense laser pulse. They are travelling oscillations in a sea of electons known as a plasma, giving rise to enormous electric fields. The electron “surfs” on the electric-field that accompanies the plasma wave, and accelerates almost instantaneously to near-light-speed.

Researchers from the University of Texas designed a holographic-strobe camera to take the pictures. Their method, called Frequency Domain Holography, sends two additional laser pulses though the plasma along with the ultra-intense pulse. The pulses are sent into a spectrometer where they interfere holographically and are subsequently analyzed to produce images of the wave structure in real-time, revealing theoretically predicted but never-before-seen features.

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