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Illusionary Definitions

Two days ago I read a comment in the NZZ-journal: Journalists are eagerly writing with the crisis about Iran – which is refusing control over their nuclear plant programs – that the international community should make a stand against it. However there is no such entity as the international community. There are the members of the UN Security Council, mainly the victors of World War, or the European Community on the one side. And on the other there are a lot of countries who are not against Iran’s programs, and others are indifferent. You see many different positions and opinions. The “international community” is a fiction.
The human brain is creating illusions, where we see classifications, which don’t exist. Not only the “international community” is an abstraction. We keep on blinding ourselves with self-made definitions, about who is an enemy or how can I make best profit out of a situation. Overcoming viewpoints helps us to see the reality.

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