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Deep Sea Life – Astonishing Photos from our Neighborhood of Existence

The multitude of simultaneously existing life-forms on earth is astonishing, and there are worlds next to us of which we have nearly no idea. Can you imagine the incredible diversity of strata of consciousness expressing through these life-forms? And still each is an expression on the background of the unity of existence.
The 11th International Deep Sea Biology Symposium 2006 helt in Southamton, UK, had an image competition in the context of the Serpent-Project. Have a look at these amazing pictures - of a syphonophore from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, of an alienlike viperfish from approx. 2000 m depth or of a giant leptocephalus larva from the Pacific Ocean, almost completely transparent.
All these are life forms contempory to us, though seemingly very far away from our daily surroundings. At the same time they are giving uns an impression of how life-forms in the hoary past might have looked like and how important it is to guard well the basics for future times -not just the next 10 or 100 years.

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