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Frantic Pace of “Dreamwork” Activity

A private situation had caused quite some activities during the last weeks – clarifications, talks, reflections. At the end it turned out that the whole activity had developed on wrong assumptions and had been “for nothing”.
Wrong assumptions or wrong hopes, caused by subtle expectations can very easily land you in a bubble of illusions. When the bubble burst, I was first irritated. Some family talks showed the different perspectives of the situation, but since some central aspects weren’t on the hand, the mental “castle in the air” could undergo its cycle of construction and dissolution.
It seemed to me examplary to many activities we are entertaining in life, keeping us busy and in tension with illusionary ideas. In Eastern wisdom the whole creation is seen as being based on the illusion of the many parts, letting us forget the truth of the whole. This does not mean that the individual item is unreal, but when you come to experience the underlying truth, you awake from the frantic pace of the “dreamwork” activity.

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