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The Uncalculable Vacuum – Worries of Scientists and Wisdom Teachings

Yesterday I read a fascinating article in the NZZ (New Zurich Newspaper) about the uncalculable vaccum, why empty space racks the brains of particle physicists and cosmologist. After resuming the historical past of assumptions about the vaccuum, the author summed up the opinion of modern physics saying: “So the vaccum is not nothing, but a complicated physical object, in which electromagnetic fields and elementary particles keep on being created and destroyed. From this results that eavery cubic centimetre contains a certain energy: the vacuum energy, to which each virtual elementary particle gives a contribution.”
This statement about the vacuum energy is absolutely in tune with the teachings of eternal wisdom, where creation is described as being a manifestation from seeming nothingness to aparent something. In the Secret Doctrine Helena P. Blavatsky is fighting against the concept of the vacuum as a volume of space that is substansively empty of matter, (as� said in Wikipedia), and she ironically says that “empty space” is only existing in the brains of the scientists (of her time).
In the Vedas there is a formula of creation, “Purna Madah Purna Midam…”. Purna stands for fullness and nillness, fullness as the apparent manifestation, nillness as seeming nothingness. In the book “Mantrams. Their Significance and Practice” Dr. Kumar gives the meaning of the Vedic expression in mathematical terms: “THAT (the unmanifest) is zero, THIS (the manifest) is zero. When zero comes out of zero, zero remains.”
In the NZZ article the author describes latest findings of astrophysics, from observations of star explosions that there seems to be some kind of dark matter having a repulsive energy, which might be associated with the energy of the vaccuum. However, it seems that the ensuing results are such that either the scientists have made wrong calculations and the universe is incredibly exploding, or their concepts of the universe are totally wrong.
He ends up saying that the vacuum is not empty but contains everything which gives a great worry to the scientists.

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