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Planning – Sprouting of Seeds and Weeds

At the moment I observe a lot of planning and preparing going on around. We are just preparing the coming holidays. Every evening my eldest son is out, planning with colleagues the local scouts’ summer camp. In my office I’m planning the revision of our intranet. Yesterday I studied an architect’s plan for a house, with so many details for the realisation. Some more plans are under way and have to be attended to. Every morning there is a subtle plan of how the day will evolve. If I listen to it, I better understand what is “in the air”.
Normally at the moment of planning the project planned is still invisible in the outer, but there is al lot of mental activity going on, concretising the details and preparing the way. It is such an important work, for if there are mistakes, the whole will work out wrongly. The mistakes may seem to be little, but the effect can be tremendous – and it might condition you for a long time. I saw this with some decisions made with the intranet realised some years ago, which are conditioning different forms of workflow. In the Eastern wisdom teaching it says that even the creator was not happy with his first creation and decided for a new one. What to say about the plan for our lives? If you observe, you may realise that there there are bigger plans and master-plans. Listen to them is important in spirituality (here you find more about it).
Before the plan comes about, there is a seed impulse, an idea. Often it is thereĀ slumbering in the soil for long before it starts sprouting. The resulting manifestation is only for an untrained eye something new – there are causes and effects going long back into the past. It is of utmost importance to observe the sprouting and discriminate between seeds and weeds. Or would you like to start again and again, when somethingĀ goes into the wrong direction?

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