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Micropauses – Relaxing at the Workplace

Yesterday I was at a staff forum of my office (I’m working here and I like it). There were several presentations called “market places”, and I was among others at a presentation of two doctors of chiropractic, who spoke about the effects of workplace effects on your body and the importance of micropauses (this is not just what they distributed and showed, but gives you an idea).
I found it an important topic for me – at my office I’m working for hours at the desktop, and in my freetime as well… The idea of interrupting the work from time to time for a micropause, to do some special movements to relax the body and counteract tensions convinced me. This was not new for me, but in practice I’m doing very little pauses. Now I fixed the paper at my workplace at the wall just in front of my eyes – and will do it at home as well – hoping that this will help me to interrupt the work for a micropause here and then.

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