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Cryptic Syllables as a Modern Shorthand of Language

Yesterday I got an e-mail from a person to whom I had send the book Spiritual Psychology. He wrote: “May I T U for the last book Sp.Psy …” I first was irritated: ITU? Of course I understood, it was not the first time I got such an e-mail. I know of the no-time-generation using abbreviations as some kind of a shorthand. Ad-language does: “4U”, “B2B”, … Washing away syllables in pronouciation goes into the same direction.
Of course I use in certain contextes abbrevisions, too. However, reducing basic elements of language to cryptic syllables and unclear sounds gives me the impression of a further deterioration of language. My spiritual teacher Dr. Kumar writes in “Mantrams. Their significance and practice“, “Language degenerates as man degenerates.” The degeneration of language is an expression of man loosing himself in the material, and when he re-ascends to spirit, he also develops a sensitive way of dealing with language.

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