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Getting off of a Dead Horse

It is always fascinating to observe how out of the multitude of thoughts we come across every day certain thoughts are picked up and others not. Most remain unrelevant, a few ones we follow, and some are even so powerful that they shape our destiny. Sometimes we follow a dead-end road, out of which it is often painful to come out.
It is my experience, that new, future-oriented thoughts also often cause fear and irritation. Blocks and opposition is coming up. I am just confronted with such a situation. I have learned by time that it is mostly contraproductive to fight against these blockages (personified in persons), but look out how the flow can go on.
I feel that I have to stay in contact with the original inspiring power of the idea motivating the thoughts and not let it be diverted into side-issues or wrong motives. This will cause the death of the idea. Sometimes you might follow such an idea which has become dead because of the diversion from the origin.
This reminds me a of saying of the American Indians, that you shouldn’t ride a dead horse, and when you feel you are doing so, you better get off. Waiting for the right moment is something else. It demands attention for the door of time to open for a new direction.

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