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Full Moon Flowers

This morning I woke up from an intense, a bit confuse dream, after a short night. Oh, I thought, we are just in the full moon hours, which for me are always a crest in the wave of a month’s cycle. Since the early 80ies I am observing the lunar cycles – observing in the double sense of the word, having a look at them and following their rhythm with a scheme of meditation. And since 2000 I publish every month for the full moon a newsletter, which now goes under the name of The Lunar Messenger.
This regular observation helps understanding the cyclical and at the same time ever-changing rhythms in the inner. It is not amassing any theoretical thoughts about it, but more of a scientific attitude, and this not by collecting any data, but by experiencing. This subjective research gives a depth and a strength which for me is of evidence, beyond any doubt.
Each full moon – like also each day – carries a specific quality. It is a doorway opening to what time offers at this specific moment. It is a periodical, rhythmic heart-beat, which goes unnoticed and subliminal, like that in our body, when not focused at. But when I align to the pulsation, I come in tune with the inner nature – which is not mine, but a present of the Presence. So the full moon is like a flower of time, blossoming for a short while, and a change in the currents. “Watch the time, for it is the very life of Life”, says and old saying.

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