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Perspectives and Illusions

Everyone has his or her own perspective, which is not the total view. Dealing with my wife, our children or at work I am often astonished how different one can view the same thing. In the “Occult Meditations” of K. Parvathi Kumar I just came across the following thought:

“Each one’s life carries another perspective. If one circumscribes oneself and looks to one’s life, one’s pan, one’s pleasures, one’s problems, it gives a totally limited and narrow perspective. If he sees life in general and equates his life with life general, he gets a much better equation of understanding…
For example if a person has an incurable sickness, he may suffer much when he looks only to his suffering. If he observes life in general he would find many like him and sometimes he may even find many in deeper suffering than the suffering he is in. Life as a whole when equated with, man relives himself from the suffering of self-circumscription. He joins general life and moves on in a state of joy instead of moving in suffering.

A few days ago I got from Joyce, an American friend, some photos of incredible chalk drawings from Julian Beever. This artist has to have an extraordinary sense of perspective and proportion to make them appear 3-D. Have a look at his website.
A great way of creating an illusion of a specific perception (through the camera).

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