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Winter Solstice Celebration at the Paracelsus Centre Einsiedeln

Yesterday a small group met in the Paracelsus-Centre of the WTT in Einsiedeln to celebrate the Winter Solstice. This solstice is one of the four cardinal points and very good for meditative alignment. It is the beginning of Capricorn, the moment of the turning of the Sun from his apparent southward journey back to the north and it has a deep spiritual significance. As Sri Kumar says, the rays of the Sun of Capricorn are the blood of the Saviour.

On the way to Einsiedeln, for a few moments there was a gorgeous dawn over the Alps. I stopped on a highway parking to catch the view. A short moment later the sky closed and soon it started raining.

We had a beautiful meeting at the birthplace of the great initiate, with meditation, silence and perceiving the surrounding nature. Please find here some impressions of the meeting.



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