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Sublime Sculptures of Alexey Leonov, a Great Messenger of Beauty

A month ago, while searching the web for the paintings of Grev Kafi, I came across a website with most sublime sculptures of a young Ukrainian artist, Alexey Leonov (when you search his name, you find only pages with the Soviet cosmonaut of the same name).


Not much substantial information is given about him on the website except:

“Alexey’s arts have a meaningful positive charge, inducing people’s unification, heartening people to moral and spiritual ideals. For the period from 2005 through 2014 there were more than 50 personal exhibitions in the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. His works now can be found in more than 30 cities world over, such as Chicago, Houston, Strasbourg, Le Bourget, Cologne, Varna, Mumbai, Calcutta, Beijing, Astana, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Irkutsk, Kaluga, Kiev, Simferopol, and others.”

His artwork shows a great mastery of subtle form-giving, and the content of his sculptures speak of his profound background: You find a great number of statues and portraits of great spiritual personalities of East and West, of Masters of Wisdom like Morya, Koot Hoomi, St. Germain, of Rishis and Avatars, of great outposts of culture and society. Among his sculptures you find great heroes and teachers of the Orient and Occident – Pythagoras, Plato, Akbar, Ramakrishna, Helena P. Blavatsky, Helena and Nicholas Roerich and their children, Krishna, Arjuna, Buddha, but also a series of sculptures of Christ and Christian saints and angels.

Most of his works are in chamotte (firesand), but also in bronze. He also did a number of monumental sculptures.

I wrote to Alexey asking for permission for publishing some images of his sculptures and he consented – thank you! (and thanks for Google translator helping to understand Ukrainian). On his website, you also find 2 YouTube videos. And you can download the images in high resolution.

May the beauty of the spirit expressing through the sculptures of this great artist uplift those who see them.


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  1. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    thats all no other words
    thanks for sharing such nice things
    with cordial regards

  2. V V B S MURTHY Says:

    May I request you for two books written by Master Sri E K :
    those are Gajendra Moksham & Goda Kalyanam in Telugu language. If available please advise me the same so as to get them.

    thanks once again and with cordial regards

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