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Aries – The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty

The earliest legends of the history of India mention two dynasties, the “race of the Sun” (Surya Vansha) and the “race of the Moon” (Chandra Vansha). The Solar Dynasty of the “Sons of the Sun” was the first ray royal dynasty, to which Lord Rama belonged. Master Morya, who is of fiery nature, belongs to the Solar Dynasty and is its last representative. He is the Master of the sun sign Aries and represents the Fire on our planet.

For this painting I used the photo of a huge solar eruption and one of the crescent earth to symbolize the descent of the Sons of the Sun onto our planet. In the background I created the path of descent and spheres of blue and red indicating the process of reception.

At the bottom I placed a picture of Master Morya and merged two crowns for his headwear, with a solar disc in the background.

Dr. K. P. Kumar explained the symbolism in lectures:

“In the ancient past, there was the Solar Dynasty, the Lunar Dynasty and the Dynasty of the Yadavas. We can rightfully say that the Solar Dynasty was the first ray royal dynasty. The Lunar Dynasty was the second ray dynasty, which also was royal. The Yadava Dynasty was the mixed quality. It was the dynasty of the third ray, and was also a royal dynasty. In it there was the mixture of intelligent activity of the third ray and the wisdom of the second ray. They carried wisdom and also intelligent activity.

The culture of solar dynasty still exists in some parts of Rajasthan in India. Master Maruvu (Morya) is a descendent of the solar dynasty; he is a descendent of Lord Rama. That is why his vision, speech and work are straight-forward. He is of fiery nature.”

See more pictures on the site with my paintings. If you want to print the image, you can download the file in medium and high resolution format.

Aries - The Ruler of the Solar Dynasty
14 December 2014, pencils and photo work

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