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Autumn Light Beauty

Two weeks ago I bought new maps of areas in the surrounding, and so we found a new place for our Sunday afternoon walks. Amsoldingen is a very idyllic location at the feet of the Alps near Thun, with a pre-Romanesque church from the 10th century and a castle, located near two beautiful little lakes. At the beginning of our walk we had a look into the old church and strongly felt the presence of earthbound souls. So we sat down in the cemetery and invited them with some invocations to the subtle helpers to wake up and move up to the worlds of light. It was again a sublime feeling when slowly a greater number of souls passed by and disappeared into the Light.

Leaving the village, the path took us over meadows along the two little lakes. The whole time, there was a fantastic panorama of the Alps in the background. Come with us on this extremely beautiful walk.

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  1. Julie Kxford Says:

    Gorgeous Ludger
    We can almost be with you through these pictures thank you so much love Julie

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